New 冲浪 Rock Optigan Disc

Optigan 拥有 宣布 冲浪 Rock –稀有的老式Optigan键盘的限量版声碟产品线不断增加:

冲浪’s up! It’s time to wax the board and catch a wave! is proud to present 冲浪 Rock , featuring the vintage sounds of the 1960’的冲浪场景。对于此手机斗地主下载节目光盘,我们’我和几个SoCal一起进入了录音室’s best surf rockers.

Reverb enthusiast Matt Quilter is one-half of the 吉他 assault from the award-winning Reventlos whose quirky instro albums alternately intrigue and horrify surf music purists. In addition to his duties on 吉他, he co-produced the documentary feature Pounding 冲浪!内幕’让我们看一下1961年至今的SoCal冲浪手机斗地主下载。在Optigan比赛中,他从自己的军械库中选择了1963年起通过Fender Tremolux和Reverb金发碧眼单位演奏的Fender Stratocaster。

背风处“Kix” rarely strays from playing Death-Surf / Afro-Billy music with the Reventlos. However in days past he 拥有 recorded with world famous instrumental 吉他 gods, The Ventures. As a veteran of many 林鼓 sessions, 基克斯 is no stranger to having his drums sampled for posterity. The Optigan session was recorded with vintage 1960’s Oaklawn Camco鼓,20×14 bass drum and 14×5.5金属圈套器。 12×8 and 14×10 toms used in the session were obtained when 基克斯 was a Los Angeles Camco endorsee in the mid-70’s.

Matt Quilter演奏的吉他和贝斯。
Drums played by William 背风处“Kix”.
Music arranged by Matt Quilter and William 背风处“Kix”.
Pea Hicks制作,编辑和掌握了手机斗地主下载。
Engineered and Mixed by Jon O’Brien. Recorded at The Music Box Studios, Garden Grove CA
光盘制作软件,光盘制作封面插图和Robert Becker的夹克版图。
封面由Mark Crafford创作。

特殊效果开关:1. Guitar Gliss,2. Drums,3. Tom-
汤姆斯(Toms),4.小军鼓(Snare Fill),5.吉他C和弦。

Be sure to check our other videos for a mini-documentary of the 冲浪 Rock recording session!

这里’s a mini-documentary of the recording session for the Optigan 冲浪 Rock disc, shot and narrated by Pat Quilter, co-founder of QSC Audio Products.

精选的是Matt Quilter(Pat’s brother) on bass/guitar and 背风处Kix on drums. Matt and 背风处are both members of 雷文特洛斯。同时出现的还有豌豆希克斯(豌豆大师),罗伯特·贝克尔(新豌豆盘大师)和乔恩·奥’Brien(声音工程师)。

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